कुछ अंग्रेजी के महत्वपूर्ण शब्दों के फूल फॉर्म –

A.D. – Anno Domini
A.B.C. – Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare
A.C.F. – Asian Cricket Foundation
A.I.R. – All India Radio
A.I.D. – Agency for International Development
A.I.I.M.S. – All India Institute of Medical Sciences
A.I.D.S. -Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
B.E. – Bachelor of Engineering
B.A.R.C. – Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
B.C. – Before Christ
B.Pharm. – Bachelor of Pharmacy
B.A. – Bachelor of Art
B.S.N.L. – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
B.S.F. – Border Security Force
C.A. – Chartered Accountant
C.T.O. – Central Telegraph Office
C.P.I. – Communist Party of India
C.C.I. – Cricket Club of India
C.I.D. – Criminal Investigation Department
C.O. – Commanding officer/ Circle Officer
C.I.S.F.- Central Industrial Security Force
C.A.D. – Computer Aided Design
C.R. – Central Railway
C.N.G. – Compressed Natural Gas
D.N.A. – Deoxy – ribose Nucleic Acid
D.C. – Direct Current / Deputy Commissioner
D.I.G. – Deputy Inspector Generel
D.Sc. – Doctor of Science
D.D.T. – Dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane
D.M. – District Magistrate
E.S.A. – European Space Agency
F.C.I. – Food Corporation of India / Fertilizer Corporation of India
F.S.I. – Fisheries Survey of India
F.M. – Field Marshal
F.I.S.I. – Friends of India Society International
F.R.G. – Federal Republic of Germany
G.P.O. -General Post Office
G.I.C. – General Insurance Corporation
G.A.I.L. – Gas Authority of India Ltd.
G.O.C. – General Officer Commanding
G.I. – Government Issue
G.P.F. – General Provide Fund
G.N.P. – Gross National Product
H.S.L. – Hindustan Steel Limited
H.T.R. – High temperature Reactor
H.P. – Horse Power
H.M.T. – Hindustan Machine Tools
H.R.D.D. – Human Resource Development Department
H.C.L. – Helicopter Corporation of India
H.L.C. – Humanitarian Law Commission
I.A.S. – Indian Administrative Service
I.C.J. – International Court of Justice
I.A. – Indian Airlines
I.C.A. – International Co-operation Alliance
I.A.F. – Indian Air force
I.B.R.D. – International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
I.C.C. – International Chamber of Commerce
I.C.M.R. – Indian Council of Medical Research
I.A.R.I. – Indian Agriculture Research Institute
I.A.E.A. – International Atomic Energy Agency
I.O.C. – International Olympic Committee / Indian Oil Corporation
I.A.M.C. – Indian Army Medical Corps
I.S.R.O. – Indian Space Research Organisation
I.D.B.I. – Industrial Development Bank of India
I.I.T. – Indian Institute of Technology
I.N.A. – Indian National Army
I.R.C. – International Red Cross
I.P.S. – Indian Police Service / Inter Press Service
I.S.I. – Indian Standard Institution
I.N. – Indian Navy
I.P.C. – Indian Panel Code
I.N.T.U.C. – Indian National Trade Union Congress
I.A.A.S. – Indian Audit and Accounts Service
INTERPOL – International Police
J.C.R. – Junior Red Cross
J.A.L. – Japan Air Lines
J.K.L.F. -Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front
J.P. – Justice of the Peace / Jai Prakash Narain / Janta Party
K.G. – Kinder Garden
K.V.K. – Krishi Vigyan Kendra
L.I.C. – Life Insurance Corporation
L.L.B. – Bachelor of Laws
L.B.W. – Leg Before Wicket
L.L.D. – Doctor of Laws
L.S.D. – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
M.L.A. – Member of Legislative Assembly
M.B.B.S. – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
M.B.A. – Master of Business Administration
M.Sc. – Master of Science
M.P. – Member of Parliament
M.N.C. – Multi National Corporation
M.D. – Doctor of Medicine
M.T.C.R. – Missile Technology Control Regime
M.A. – Master of Art
M.B.M. – Master of Business Management
M.Net. – Mobile Internet
M.E.S. – Military Engineering Service
N.C.C. – National Cadet Corps
N.A.S.A. – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
N.C.E.R.T. – National Council of Educational Research and Training
N.E.R. – North Eastern Railway
N.D.A. – National Defence Academy / National Democratic Alliance
N.I.S. – National Institute of Sports
N.I.S.S.A.T. – National Information System for Science and Technology
N.C.O. – Non-Commissioned Officer
N.W.B. – National Water Board
N.T.P. – Normal Temperature and Pressure
N.A.A. – National Airports Authority
N.S.U.I. – National Students Union of India
N.T.S.B. – National Transport Security Board
N.P.C.C. – National Project Construction Corporation
O.N.G.C. -Oil and Natural Gas Commission
O.A.N.A. – Organisation of Asian News Agencies
O.I.L. – Oil India Limited
O.I.G.S. – On India Government Service
O.A.S. – Organisation of American States
O.A.U. – Organisation of African Unity
P.M.G. – Post Master General
P.C.S. – Provincial Civil Service
P.S.C. – Public Service Commission
Ph.D. -Doctor of Philosophy
P.T.O. – Please Turn Over
P.I.O. – Principal Information Bureau (Officer)
P.A. – Personal Assistant
P.M. – Prime Minister / Post Meridium
P.L.A.N. – Peoples Liberation Army Navy
P.A.T.A. – Pacific Area Travel Association
P.A.C. – Public Accounts Committee / Provincial Armed Constabulary
Q.M.G. – Quarter Master General
Q.M.S. – Quick Mail Service
R.M.S. – Railway Mail Service
R.B.I. – Reserve Bank of India
R.S.S. – Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh
R.N.A. – Ribo-nucleic Acid
R.A.P.P. – Rajasthan Atomic Power Project
R.T.O. – Regional Transport Officer
S.D.O. – Sub-Division Officer
S.E.B.I. – Security and Exchange Board of India
S.T.D. – Sexually Transmitted Disease / Subscriber Trunk Dialing
S.S.P. – Senior Superintendent of Police
S.S.B. – Service Selection Board
S.C.L. – Semi-conductors Complex Limited
S.C. – Security Council / Supreme Court
S.T.A.R.D. – Science and Technology Application for Rural Development
S.F.C. – State Financial Corporation
S.E.O. – Satellite for Earth Observation
S.A.I.L. – Stell Authority of India Limited
S.A.T.O. – South Atlantic Treaty Organisation
S.A.I. – Sport Authority of India
S.A.A.R.C. – South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation
S.E.A.T.O. – South-East Asia Treaty Organisation
S.A.B.A. – South African Black Alliance
S.T.P.I. – Software Technology Parks of India
S.L.V. – Satellite Instructional Television Experiment
T.N.T. – Tri-Nitro Toluene
T.I.S.C.O. – Tata Iron and Steel Company
T.A.D.A. – Terrorism and Disruptive Activities Act
T.B. – Tuber-Culosis
T.A. – Territorial Army / Travelling Allowance
T.M.O. – Telegraphic Money Order
T.E.L.C.O. – Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company
T.A.B. -Technical Assistance Board
T.C. – Trusteeship Council
T.E.L.E.X. – Teleprinter Exchange
T.W.A. – Trans World Airlines
T.V.C. – Trade Union Congress
U.N.A.E.C. – United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
U.N.I. – United News of India
U.S.I.S. – United States Information Service
U.T.I. – Unit Trust of India
U.N.E.P. – United Nations Environment Programme
U.N.I.C.E.F. – United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund
U.N.E.F. – United Nations Emergency Force
U.I.C.C. – Union of International Cancer Congress
U.G.C. – University Grants Commission
U.N.O. – United Nations Organisation
U.S.A. – United States of America
U.N.U. – United Nations University
U.P.F. – United People’s Front
V.I.P. – Very Important Person
V.I.T.A. – Volunteers in Technical Assistance
V.A.T. – Value Added Tax
V.P.P. – Value Payable Post
W.T.O. – World Tourism Organisation
W.U.S. – World University Service
W.M.O. – World Meteorological Organisation
W.A.R.C. – World Administrative Radio Conferences
W.H.O. – World Health Organisation
W.T.U.C. -World Trade Union Congress
W.A.Y. – World Assembly of Youth
X.M.L. – Xensible Markup Language
Z.S. – Zoological Society
Z.E.T.A. – Zero Energy Thermo Nuclear Assembly


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